Welcome to ITS,

As part of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) effort to build a cost effective quality care insurance system in Dubai and serve it residents, DHA- Health Funding Department is establishing this site to receive complains, suggestions, recommendations and inquiries related to healthcare providers and insurance companies. Patients, healthcare providers and payers are expected to file in their tickets and follow up on it in this site. DHA Health Funding Department shall look into your ticket and contact you within 5 business days.

Welcome to Dubai’s primary electronic health insurance opinion management system. As part of the Dubai Health Insurance Corporation and in line with the Dubai 2020 vision in providing an integrated health insurance system of high quality services, these e-gates have been launched to enhance communication and expand the various ranges of electronic services for customers in Dubai.

iPROMeS - Insurance Partner Relation Management e System

The "iPromes" interactive platform provides an opportunity for individuals /members to voice their opinions, provide any feedback, complaints, suggestions or complements to service providers and regulators in the emirate of Dubai

HICAL - Health Insurance Compliance and Audit Log

“HICAL” aims to control and monitor cases of fraud, waste and abuse of insurance providers to ensure the provision of high quality healthcare services of these parties in the market. You may submit a report if you suspect or doubt any potential manipulated service from an Insurance provider in Dubai.